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Battle Royale with Cheese is a game made in 48 hours for my college's game jam. It's a local multiplayer battle royale game where you and up to three other players fight to have the best ingredients; once time's up, the items you have are put into a dish to see who has the best combination of ingredients.

It's time for a cooking competition between you and your friends! Except in this competition, there are no rules! Body check your opponents to make them drop the ingredients you want, or give yourself a boost by eating some of your ingredients! Whoever makes the best dish, wins!

At least two Xbox controllers (or xinput controllers) are required to play. For the smoothest experience, please plug your controllers in prior to launching. Also, be aware of your sound settings, as the game has no sound controls and could be loud--especially if you wear headphones.


A - Tackle

X - Throw protein

Y - Go to Flavortown

B - Drop Side trap

Item explanations:


Barbeque Sauce: Consuming this lets you take one hit from a protein or tackle without dropping your items (but will still knock you down)

Soy Sauce: A smokescreen bursts as you randomly teleport to a spot on the map, but you drop your items when you do so.

Garlic: Your breath is so pungent that other players cannot get close enough to you to tackle you

Lemon Zest: Makes you temporarily run faster, but you can't make other players drop their items if you throw a protein at them or tackle them


Spaghetti Sauce: The length of your tackle is extended

Pasta Noodles: When triggered, traps players by wrapping pasta noodles around them temporarily

Rice: When walked over, causes players to slip and fall, dropping their items

Potatoes: When walked over, overwrites a player's protein and spice slot with potatoes that can't be thrown or used, only overwritten by picking up another ingredient

Bell pepper: When triggered, engulfs a player in flame and destroys the items held by player

Onions: When triggered, makes a player slower because their eyes are welled up


1.0 - Initial release

Known bugs:

1.0 - The end result where the game tells you who won is bugged. If it tells you that someone won and didn't, well, just enjoy the victory together. Same if you get a tie.

Install instructions

Download the .exe, plug in your controllers, and play!


BattleRoyaleWithCheesev1.0.exe 12 MB

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