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Taking place in the Legend of Zelda timeline where the Hero of Time defeats Ganondorf, grows up, has a mid-life crisis because no one knows that he saved Hyrule, and decides to buy his own shooting gallery*, now you can shoot rupees to your hearts content--in VR!

This game was made in one week for my college's New Media summer course's 3D project. It still needs a little polish, but it's playable in its current state. I'm planning on adding score keeping, more challenging modes, and more interactive items and targets later on. In the meantime, enjoy a couple minutes of nostalgic bow and arrow action!

A play area of at least 2m x 1.5m is recommended, but can also be played standing or sitting.


Trigger: Pick up object. Bow/arrows can be used left or right handed. Object stays in your hand until you pull trigger again.


To start the game, pick up an arrow from the table in front of you. The minigame will start as soon as you pick one up.


Scenario, textures, models, and sound effects are a property of Nintendo Co., Ltd.


/u/TheStone Fox for providing the open-source VRTK framework for Vive controls.

* - As scribbled on a sticky note inside my copy of Hyrule Historia

Install instructions

Download, then unzip the file to your preferred location. Start SteamVR first, then run the executable.

For convenience's sake, you can also add the .exe to Steam and have it show up in your list of VR games. To do this, add the game through steam and then open the shortcut properties. Click the checkbox to include in VR Library, and then click close.


Ocarina of Vive.zip 14 MB


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I like this but it needs more content to make it replayable. I suggest adding a local score leaderboard and maybe a second, harder rupee pattern (that unlocks only once you beat the easy one).